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we are based in Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and have been trading in our Dewsbury store for over 15 years aswell as our online Ebay store, towards the end of 2018 we wanted to move forward with the business and build an online shop for our customers.

We offer a huge range of products everything from nutrients, grow lights, grow tents, lighting and accessories to get yourselves kitted out, we pride ourself on great customer service, quality products and great value for money.

If you don’t see something you require on our store please contact us info@plantlifeworld.co.uk and we will do our best to source the items, also we promise to price match any items so if you finder it cheaper elsewhere let us know.

Happy Shopping and if you would rather pop into our Dewsbury store feel free to call in for some expert advice and guidance


Hydroponics is a process which allows plants to grow without the use of soil and conventional fertilizers and instead uses a growing medium, water and a nutrient solution.

It allows plants to grow anywhere throughout the year while offering exceptional levels of control over temperature, nutrients, light, water and other environmental factors compared to more traditional agriculture while offering more food security and allowing pesticide free farming, allowing to grow crops in a more confined space with a higher maximum yield to outdoor growing.

Advancements in Technology over recent years has seen a huge surge in Hydronic farming with more precision to give your plants exactly what they require and when they need it, providing the right nutrients at the right time, delivering light in the correct spectrum for a plants growth stage or maintaining the right temperature.

Here at Plant Life World we have everything you will need to get started in Hydroponics or even if you’re a seasoned pro we have the products to help your gardens grow.

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