Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

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Solar Green Power is a silicon product from Buddhas Tree but with a difference.
Solar Green Power?is a silicon product from Buddhas Tree but with a difference, whereas most silicon products usually contain?different types of soluble silica, some for instance are potassium silicate and others are of a similar character. Whilst these provide some benefit, by their nature it is understood that these forms of silica and their usability and absorption by your plants are limited. Buddhas Tree look at this product in quite a simple overview, do you want the best possible structure (plant) supporting the best formed solar panels (leaves)?as if you look closely at their image below of the leaf, their interpretation is just that. Although?silicic acid is the simplest most soluble basic form of silica, silicic acid by nature is very changeable and readily converts again into other forms of silica. This is not the case with boys from Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power. PH 7.0 Hydroponics:?0.5ml per litre Coco:????????????0.5ml per litre Soil:???????????? ?0.5ml per litre
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